Отсутствующий товар скоро появится в продаже. Мы активно над этим работаем!
Accessories for boat trailers, boats and snowmobilesAccessories for boat trailers, boats and snowmobiles

Accessories for boat trailers, boats and snowmobiles

Why do they trust us

Why do they trust us - #1
Vitaly Galitsky (vk.com/id710892335 )
I have been using the PRAKTIK.PRO hydraulic slip system for three years now. Also, being the owner of a small tuning workshop, #forteboats could not help but notice the increased demand for this trailed option. For three years, some statistics have accumulated. A very common question is "Do I need it or not?" I will answer like this... Read More
Why do they trust us - #2
Andrey Petertsov (vk.com/andrey_pitertsov )
I think many fishermen who know me know about my love for various gadgets and convenient things. They all make this or that process easier for us, make it "different". For example, as a roller system. I can't imagine using a boat without it anymore. And the first time I saw her a few years ago on Sasha Volynkin's boat. Now she's standing on two of my boats. The PRAKTIK.PRO has many more useful things for watermotors, I recommend it!

How to buy

Placing an order on our website is quite simple: 1. Add the selected products to the "Cart" 2. Next, go to the "Shopping Cart" section 3. Check the correctness of the selected positions 4. Click the "Place an order" button 5. Choose "Delivery to the address", or "Pickup" When choosing "Delivery to the address" : - fill in the delivery address (it is important to specify the index correctly) - click "Continue" - choose the delivery method from the suggested options - click "Continue" - check the data and click "Proceed to payment" - pay for the order 6. If you have any questions, please contact the manager
You can always pay for the selected products directly on our website. Security is guaranteed by the online payment service Robokassa. After payment, you will immediately receive a cash receipt to your email. Online payment with Robokassa is reliable, simple!
You can get the product you bought in any convenient way: 1. Choose delivery by SDEC transport company, Russian Post, or pay for delivery upon receipt (the manager will contact and select a suitable transport company) 2. Pick up the goods from our warehouse in Ulyanovsk (pre-call). If you have any questions, please contact the manager. We are always happy to help.
You can install the purchased accessories: 1. Independently. Complete with the goods are detailed instructions. 2. In our production (pre-agreed).
About us

About us

PRAKTIK.PRO is a dynamically developing and ambitious team of dedicated fans of their business.
We have a modern material and technical base with a developed infrastructure for full-cycle production, which allows us to master new types of products in a short time, modernize our products. The design bureau's own developments turn innovative ideas into high-quality products. We do not stand still, we are constantly improving and developing new products to make your vacation on the water even more comfortable.


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